Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Begin this project by adding a dot of blue to some white tempera. Paint a small circle in the middle of the paper. Make sure to leave the very center unpainted as this will be the full moon.

Continue adding a little more blue to the paint in order to create darker tints of blue. Students love to mix and stir the paint! At some point you will switch to pure blue. Paint a ring of pure blue, then begin gradually adding very small amounts of black to create different shades of blue.

While the paint is drying, cut or tear the silhouette of a tree using black paper. Glue the tree to the painting so that it overlaps the moon without covering it up.

Encourage variety in the shape of the trees. Some of my students added silhouettes of owls, bats, and ravens.

Display for all to see and discuss. Review key words like value, tint, shade, gradual, gradation, concentric, subtle, etcetera.