Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Here is a fun and easy project for a broad range of grades and ages. Today my first graders and my eighth graders made the same fish. Naturally the results were quite different, but the rate of success was 100% in both grades. You will probably have better results if your younger students make small fish; small enough to fit in the palm of their hands.

Begin by building a basic pinch pot. The deeper the better. If it is too shallow you may not be able to fit eyes and fins on the back.
Then pinch the sides of the pot to form the sides of the mouth. This will help stabilize the structure. Before adding eyes and things, scratch initials and class number into the bottom of the fish.

Roll out two small balls for eyes, form a tail and fins, then apply each shape to the fish with a bit of slip. Place completed fish in a safe place to dry. Fire up your kiln, your oven, or just air dry them. Add some glaze or paint and display for all to see and enjoy!

 Look for our pinch pot fish after they have been bisque fired and glazed.

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