Monday, November 21, 2011


Clay animal rattles really do rattle after they've been fired! Don't forget to poke holes somewhere in your animal so the smoke can get out. See below for complete instructions.

 1) Make two pinch pots of the same size.
  2) Make 4 or 5 pea-sized clay balls and wrap them individually in small pieces of newspaper.
 3) Stuff the newspaper-wrapped clay balls into one of the pinch pots and join the two pots by smearing the clay together. Smooth out the sides with slip or just use your fingers.
 4) Poke a hole or two into your cylindrical, featureless creature. Eyes are a good place for holes. Use a stylus to scratch student initials and grade into the bottom.
  5) Attach the appropriate body parts for the animal you are making. (Wings, beak, ears, tail, horns)  Make sure to smear and smooth the appendages onto the animal, don't just stick them on or they'll fall off.

6)Allow the aminals to dry out completely before firing.
7) Apply glaze and fire again.

I recommend firing once before applying the glaze because the parts tend to be very fragile, and they often break before firing if they're handled too much.

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  1. The kids did a great job!! I love how creative they are, they are beautiful.