Monday, October 29, 2012


This project was a blast! My students started by sketching only the most basic shapes found within Edvard Munch's painting "The Scream". Then, while looking at small photocopies of the painting, they colored the picture as closely as possible to the original.  They used oil pastels and colored each section with a thick coat. After they finished coloring their work, they applied a coat of black tempera paint over the entire picture.
 When the paint was dry, we passed each picture through a tub of tap water in order to loosen up the black paint which was then wiped off with a damp cloth. Some of the black paint is left behind which adds an interesting appearance to the overall piece. Each student then used a pair of closed scissors to gently scratch into their piece revealing the brilliant pastels beneath. (Large nails work too!)
 Finally, they cut their own Scream portrait out of a 4x6 print and trimmed it to fit into their picture and glued it to the place where the original spooky image was found.

Each final piece is a little different, and this project is a show stopper on the bulletin board in the hallways of our school. Excellent Work Kids!

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