Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Clay Bird Bell!

Clay  Bird Bells Before Firing!

Here are the steps for this fun project: 
1) Build a small pinch pot.
2) Turn it over and attach a ball of clay for the head. Smear it on and smooth it out.
3) Poke a hole from the top of the head out through the bottom. Poke holes for eyes if desired.
4) Scratch designs into the wet clay for feathers and wings.
5) Roll out two little clay carrot sticks for legs. Join them and poke a hole at the top.
5) Air dry and fire.
6) Apply glaze and fire again.
7) Use twine or fishing wire to string up the legs and a few beads on the top and bottom of the bird.



  1. Love these - I would like to be in your class!

  2. Thank you for your comment. Join us anytime!!

  3. These are turning out so cute! What fun!! (Kristan)