Monday, November 25, 2013


Here is a fun and fairly simple project for grades 4 and up. Before beginning the clay part, take time to find the letters that you will need. Then start making the pendants by rolling out a small fist full of clay into a thick cookie. Cut the sides with Fiskars scissors to create a rectangle or square with interesting edges. Poke one or two holes at the top (and one at the bottom too if you want to hang some beads from the bottom). Next, roll texture into the clay using lace, leaves, etcetera. Peel the items away after rolling, and carefully push your alphabet pasta letters into the clay. Leave the pasta in the clay as it will burn off in the kiln. Make sure the letters are level with the surrounding clay to get a deep impression of each letter. Let dry, glaze, then fire. Or fire, then glaze, and fire again. String some beads and send them home!
(Before and after glazing)

Clay, rolling pins, Fiskars scissors, wooden stylus to poke holes, lace, leaves, alphabet pasta, glaze, brushes, twine or yarn, beads

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